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I won’t say that I’ve stopped thinking about Replay Value, or that I’ll never return to it, but the topics I want to write about are no longer Replay Value-related, and I don’t want to move this blog to a more general URL because I hate broken links.

I’ll be starting a different blog focused on other worlds I’m going to write tabletop-related stuff for, and will post the link when I actually make it.

What if Genseric’s callsign is “Jenna”

  • me, apparently, since the Jennachat was talking about callsigns

(Apparently callsigns are based off the stupidest or most infamous thing you did. More reasonable examples would be calling Iolithae “Salt” or Jasper “Armed” [thank Knives for that last one].)

Ayanda Pretorius, Marquess of Modesty (Coverings)

You might consider the word “modesty” to cover, perhaps, wearing enough clothing, or not bragging too much about one’s achievements. But all Estates are ultimately defined by their Noble, and not all Nobles are satisfied by having their Estate remain entirely within the bounds of English usage.

Thus, aside from long sleeves and other such articles of modest dress, Ayanda Pretorius also reigns over the shrink-wrapping of books, tamperproof bands around the necks of bottles, and the zip-ties that keep tools firmly shut and unusable before they are sold.

Ask Ayanda about this, and all they will tell you is that these things needed better management.

Ask anyone else about this, and you will likely be told that Ayanda is a sanctimonious ass.

Modesty (coverings)…

  • …distrust you
  • …hold the desirable out of reach
  • …protect the purity of their contents
  • …can always be removed

Mortal skills

  • Better Than You 3
  • Destructive Criticism 2


  • Bond (4): Most people are stupid and don’t know better. They need to be protected from themselves.
  • Bond (3): I must maintain physical and moral purity, with strict abstention from unclean things (like intercourse, meat, and falsehoods).
  • Affliction (3): I know how to get you in trouble with whatever authorities you fear most.
  • Bond (2): Oh, I’m not bragging. I’m just legitimately better, and would like to tell you that.


  • Aspect 1
  • Domain 3
  • Persona 4
  • Treasure 0


  • Elusive (1)

Wounded Angel, Redux (2 of 3)



Link to the Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG, on DriveThru


We’re talking about the updates to Wounded Angel.

Yesterday, we reviewed the powers you’ve seen before, albeit sometimes with changes. Today, let’s do some new stuff!

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Here’s more on Kim Su-Cheol!

Union (Powered Up): Eventually Su-Cheol follows in the steps of his mentor Myra, and begins taking on the occasional mentee himself. But it costs him dearly to do so: he must form emotional attachments, and for him attachments are terribly terribly difficult, because he is acutely aware that he is risking betrayal every time he trusts someone. He attaches himself to people anyway, because he needs people, but…

An Undesirable Gift: When you are trying to find information to whistleblow, it is easy to abandon principles and just release whatever will damage the person you want to hurt. When you can’t find concrete evidence of someone’s crimes, it is so very easy to leak information about their infidelity, because that’s what you actually have and they need to be punished, don’t they?

That’s what this is, for him. The kind of “leaks” that destroy people for sensational reasons that have nothing to do with what they’ve done wrong.

Embrace of the World: Yeah, see, this is why he ended up in charge of Corpse Fiesta, and why he built the foundation for Ivory Tower. Corpse Fiesta… well, it’s the kind of place on the Internet filled with the wicked, and that is why it tracks Vice. For Ivory Tower, it’s Sickness: as his life gets worse and he becomes more acutely aware of his own impending mortality, he is more and more obsessed with legacy, with building something that will outlast him, and that is what fuels his need to build the place.

Wounded Angel, Redux (1 of 3)



Link to the Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG, on DriveThru


So originally I wasn’t going to change the core book Arcs much. And, originally, I didn’t.

… but then I did some really deep cross-comparing of Arcs and powers, and adjusted things to suit, and suddenly the changes were worth sharing.

Today, let’s cover … let’s say, through the last Wounded Angel power to appear in the core.

This will be a really long post; officially, these posts are 500-2000 words, but I’m only counting extra wordcount beyond the original presentation today …

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So remember when I wrote up Kim Su-Cheol on Of A Certain Place, back when that was an Arc? And remember that I said that he could also have been on Wounded Angel? Yeah, I’m writing him up yet again, because he’s one of my favorite characters.

In case you’re just joining us here, the deal with Su-Cheol is that he helped build some Replayer communities, he helped destroy some Replayer communities (some of which were ones he’d helped build), and his relationship with secrets and the exposure thereof is… fraught. In this particular case we’re going to explore the Bindings-arc implications of this fraught relationship.

Dramatic: Su-Cheol has rather a tendency to show up in scenes where someone can’t take it anymore – when they are fed up with their suffering and know something needs to change but don’t know what or how.

Devices: Su-Cheol’s actual skill at programming in and of itself is sometimes iffy, but in exchange he cultivates relationships with duct-tape-style workarounds, terrible frameworks that he knows far better than anyone should, and so on and so forth. This is the guy who would use a kilobytes-long AutoHotKey script or a browser app instead of the proper tools for the job. In any case, whatever he makes works, and is rather more stable and productive than you’d expect given the components it was assembled from… as long as he’s there to maintain it.

And yes, if you work in programming, you may recognize him as that asshole. Lucky for Replay Value’s people, he explicitly refused to resort to his usual dirty hacks while building Ivory Tower, because he knew it needed to be maintainable by future generations (which wasn’t nearly as much of a concern for his other projects).

(Cage For A) Blasphemy: Su-Cheol knows that keeping some things private is necessary, both for security/safety purposes and because nobody can pay attention to Everything At Once. But when he loses his last Divine Health Level, when he’s driven to the edge, he stops caring about the distinction between whistleblowing and exposure. He will dump every damn secret out of the bag, even if it will get people hurt or killed, and even if it means that there is some sensational-but-pointless bit of information that the public will focus on (thus distracting from the real issues).

Empowered Wounds: The only Wounds he can ritually empower are psychological ones. He can avoid a more direct attack and take the terror of the near-miss as a psychological wound for this purpose, but mostly this is for when he’s hurt by other people.

Recover: Not much to say here.

Supreme Invocation: Not much to say about this either.

Salvation: Zeimah was trapped with him in an impossibly broken session, one that should have unraveled itself and been lost in the bubbles of paradox space, and he figured out how to save her anyway. (Also he hitched a ride out of said broken session on the same Ringship, so he benefitted from doing this, but details, details.)

Union: I can’t say much about this either. But that’s not a bad thing. There’s plenty enough customization elsewhere, and also the next few powers work absurdly well for Su-Cheol…

When the War is Over: Stuff I Already Wrote Solo

A vaguely-sort-of-in-chronological-order dump of stuff I wrote to go along with the When the War is Over campaign. Mostly drabbles; the longest is 2K words long.

A disclaimer: Because of the nature of the Melanie/Miramie plotline, I write sympathetically about the perspective of someone who was responsible for some really horrible things. I anthropomorphize the scalpel, to borrow a turn of phrase from Jenna Moran, because I need to understand characters’ motivations in order to write them well, and this still applies even if the character is a villain. This doesn’t mean I approve of what happened, OK?

If You’re Here, Read This – A document Miramie found when she woke up. (Content warning: this is basically a suicide note.)

Other-Lore: Agatelline Volke – Selected bits of Malakh’s writing, in which she steadfastly refuses to admit that she might be capable of having a crush.

Miramie and the Mineshaft – Miramie goes exploring, rescues a bunch of spirits from abuse and servitude, and finds out a few interesting things about where Melanie came from.

The One Where Melanie Is Sick – …I have no excuse for this one. Although I guess it would show you a few things about the Academy as experienced from the inside?

Best Practices – Melanie didn’t remove all of herself. There are still large areas of her thought-patterns there, and sometimes Miramie can trip and fall into them.

When the War is Over: Miramie

So, the fanclub chat on Discord (contact me if you want an invite to that) has been playing a GMless Chuubo’s game. (I’ll talk about all the house rules that make GMless possible… laterish.) It is about the hypothetical where the Chuubo’s setting is actually the post-apocalyptic bits left of the Nobilis one. It is set in the Walking Fields, and several of the characters are still struggling with the lingering effects of the Valde Bellum: we have several deserter Riders trying to permanently escape the (explicitly abusive) Bleak Academy, some former Treasures that have clawed their way up to PC status, a Wildlord-in-denial, and also an annoyed tree.

I proposed that we come up with a campaign name, and unilaterally selected “When the War is Over” for purposes of being able to write about it on the blog. (Whether anyone else also thinks this is the campaign’s name, I don’t know. But, well, I had to call it something, and “Walking Fields GMless” is way too generic.)

The charact I’m playing is a variant Miramie Mesmer, with a rather more exciting Melanie Malakh in backstory because this is an Adventure Fantasy-genre game.

Miramie Mesmer (Accursed 3/Gatekeeper 0+) is what is left of Melanie Malakh, ruthless spymaster and prodigy of the Void. Melanie Malakh saw the death of the sun and rising of the Outside as a total defeat that ended the War… and not even a fair or clever defeat: a defeat caused by pure blind luck. Trapped by the Outside being just as painful to her as Creation itself was, and faced with a Bleak Academy that didn’t see the problem with propagating the Outside instead of the Void, Melanie became increasingly unstable. Eventually, she couldn’t take it anymore, and started ripping random pieces out of her soul until she no longer remembered why she was doing it. Miramie Mesmer is the remnant of this terrifying and inhuman Strategist… and armed with her former self’s notes and journals and diaries, Miramie sets out to deal with all the things Melanie Malakh left behind.

I wrote a couple custom quests for the game, but they weren’t intended for public consumption and as such I didn’t clean up the concepts like I usually do for public quest sets. I do not feel like they are in a shareable state, but someone is probably going to ask at some point so I’m probably going to have to share them eventually.

Also, I wrote some XP actions and microfictions, which you’ll probably see me link at some point.